Supercharge team performance and learning with sprint coaching and facilitation

Sprintbase is packed with detailed guidance and tools to help teams get great results, but sometimes there’s just no substitute for expert advice and support from a real live human.

Coaches help teams select and apply the right methods and tools, maintain momentum and focus, and build the confidence to safely experiment and learn along the way. They can help teams move faster and emerge with bolder, more innovative solutions that go on to implementation.

Sprint coaches give teams the support they need to make a big impact and build lasting innovation capability and confidence.

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The Right Support for Your Team

All coaching is provided remotely by certified coaches, and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any team. All of our certified coaches are seasoned innovation practitioners and facilitators who know what it takes to get great results with diverse and geographically dispersed teams.

Just want to “phone a friend”
when hurdles arise?

On-Demand Coaching

Email, chat and phone support from our network of certified coaches to help teams whenever they get stuck or just need some friendly expert advice.

Want to provide your innovation leaders with personalized support?

Dedicated Leader Coaching

Access to a single coach familiar with your project to help sprint leaders achieve great outcomes with their teams.

Looking for comprehensive expert support to tackle a top priority challenge?

Embedded Expert Coaching

A seasoned expert to guide teams through the process and provide hands-on consulting and advisory support throughout.

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Sprint Boosters:

Get more bang from your sprint

Innovation training

Set teams up for success before they start sprinting

Give sprint teams the essential innovation skill and know-how to hit the ground running and get results.

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Coach certification

Scale innovation with your own internal coaches

Empower your internal innovation champions and change-makers with the tools and support they need to drive transformation

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