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We partner with in-house Talent, HR and L&D teams, as well as Executive Education providers, to deliver learning programs that yield tangible business results

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How Sprintbase helps you maximize the impact of corporate learning

Make it stick

Participants embed classroom learning by immediately applying it to real challenges that matter.

Show business value

Sprintbase produces a detailed PDF report of each project capturing each team’s outcomes and journey.

Engage leadership

Leaders, sponsors and other stakeholders can be invited as observers - increasing awareness and buy-in.

Scale capability

Sprintbase deploys easily at scale, delivering consistent, powerful experiences to large groups across geographies.

“SprintbaseTM helps us bridge the gap between our innovation programmes and real work outside of the classroom”

Tina Cronin

Executive Education Programme Director

How is Sprintbase being integrated with in-person executive education and innovation training programs?

Design Thinking Intro Webinar

Conduct Field Research

In-person training program

PRE-PROGRAM: Conduct field research remotely before an in-person program to accelerate and enrich the learning experience with real-life input.

In-person Training (kick-off)

Conduct Field Research

In-person Training (synthesis/ideation)

Sprintbase: Prototype feedback and iteration

INTRA-PROGRAM: Blend in-person and remote working over multi-module programs where work done in the field integrates seamlessly with the face-to-face experience.

In-person training program

Complete Field Application Project

POST-PROGRAM: Launch innovation projects straight after a program to apply the learning in teams to tackle a real challenge. Built-in structure and guidance makes it easy to involve people back and the business, enabling sprint teams to cascade the learning.

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