Give social leaders the tools to drive change

Sprintbase provides non profit teams with the guidance and structure they need to innovate.
With Sprintbase, nonprofits can learn and use the same design thinking methods leveraged by some of the world’s most innovative organizations.

We are proud to offer Non-profits significantly reduced rates for Sprintbase access and support

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Mobilize remote teams to better engage stakeholders

Social enterprises must often serve communities by mobilising resources from afar.

Sprintbase enables non profit teams spread across geographies to collaborate more effectively and design solutions for stakeholders regardless of location.

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Innovate funding and donor engagement

81% of nonprofits identify access to capital as their most serious concern - Harvard Business Review

Sprintbase can help nonprofits to engage donors and achieve financial sustainability in a number of ways:

  • Give donors a first hand view of the impact their support is having
  • Rapidly prototype and test new ideas for fundraising
  • Involve donors in sprints as observers to provide full transparency on projects

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