Build better 'How Might We...?' (HMW) questions

Tips for creating great HMWs

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Validation | Permission

permit let allow certify guarantee endorse

Collaboration | Interaction

facilitate support cofunction with explain answer respond to join manage help promote offer supply tolerate recognize use

Mindset | Experience

tolerate recognize empower encourage motivate enable engage explore elevate boost inspire initiate instill

Creation | Development

implement releaze set-up enable build leverage settle unfold perform proceed with create customise craft devise form improve update shape up develop produce design

Identification | Modification

clarify decide solve determine answer reframe reflect prepare resolve conclude manage invent revamp refine amend sharpen evolve plan arrange prioritize figure out explain change

Achievement | Result

gain achieve accomplish obtain win earn advance deliver
Construct your HMW
How might we drop magic word here user / customer / company / object / item to drop magic word here something the user cares about?
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Tips for creating great HMWs

Your design team's insights are the springboard to great solutions. The best HMW questions set teams up to find truly groundbreaking ideas that will help your organisation better meet your customers' needs. Follow these tips to take your HMWs to the next level.

A great HMW question

  • Has a real user at the center of it
  • Feels like an invitation to explore new possibilities
  • Can be answered in many unique ways

A bad HMW question

  • Has a solution already baked in
  • Focuses on creating value for the organization, not the user
  • Seeks to influence or convince people rather than discovering benefits for them