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Awesome design thinking innovation software

Sprintbase helps remote teams confidently apply design thinking, embed innovation skills, and get results

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Put design thinking to work, Hone design thinking skills, Innovate from anywhere, Collaborate with purpose, Build real innovation capability

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Sprintbase - Awesome design thinking software
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Innovation digitally transformed

Sprintbase guides teams from Insight  to impact

Created by experienced practitioners, Sprintbase guides teams step-by-step through a proven innovation process. Equipped with built-in tools and expert tips, teams can reduce dependence on external consulting, save a heap on travel, and make a real impact with design thinking.

Innovate from anywhere

Beautiful digital workspaces designed for innovation + all the right tools, expert guidance and workflow automation to keep teams on track


Guidance and support that enables teams to continue learning and embedding design thinking

Team workspace

Massive workspaces with interactive templates, whiteboards, photos and videos to support teams collaborating in real time

Teams achieve and learn more with Sprintbase

Companies around the world are using human-centred design to outperform competitors by a whopping 228%*. Here's why they're doing it with Sprintbase:

Collaborate radically

Collaborate radically

Innovation thrives on diversity. Sprintbase brings valuable, previously unheard voices into the innovation process, regardless of location, level or role.

Unleash creativity

Unleash creative potential

Tap into the collective creativity of your people and build lasting in-house innovative capability that only comes from first-hand experience.

Innovate with confidence

Innovate with confidence

Sprintbase provides the process and guidance, so teams can focus on the task at hand, stay on the same page, and innovate as part of business as usual.

Save time and money

Save time & money

Going digital with Sprintbase saves you a bundle on flights, materials, and venue costs. Not to mention time wasted on logistics and post-workshop write-ups.

Make an impact

Make an impact

Sprintbase helps remote teams make an impact with design thinking, reduce dependence on external experts, and save a heap on travel and logistics.

Sprintbase tools allows teams to build lasting innovation

Built-in tools and guidance

Supported by built-in expert guidance every step of the way, teams effectively explore more opportunities, build lasting innovation skills

Every Sprintbase user receives access to the Tools Library of 50+ methods, instructions and templates to help them think differently and achieve better results in their innovation sprints and in day-to-day work.

“SprintbaseTM provides the focus and structure our team needs to make an impact with design thinking in the field.”

Anna Sulzmann, ebay

Anna Sulzmann Director, People & Org. Development

“A simple and powerful way to run innovation sprints with remote teams”

Sergey Martyshko, ABinBev

Sergey Martyshko Strategy Lead

“SprintbaseTM is the tool our globally spread out team has been missing to efficiently harness design thinking.”

Gretchen Schulfer, Deloitte

Gretchen Schulfer Creative Brand Senior Manager

“SprintbaseTM helps us bridge the gap between our innovation programmes and real work outside of the classroom”

Tina Cronin, Moller

Tina Cronin Executive Education Programme Director

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