Microsoft Azure:

Sprintbase takes advantage of the network security provided by the Azure platform to ensure that data transmitted and hosted remains secure (Microsoft’s network security overview)

Data storage/access – multi-tenancy:

Uploaded documents and images within Sprintbase are held in the file system on the Azure platform.  Each customer’s data is held in a dedicated area on the file system with access restricted to authenticated users only which prevents one customer accessing another’s data.


Single Sign-On is available through the industry standard authentication mechanism SAML v2.  Sprintbase can be configured so that no user passwords are ever held within sprintbase and all authentication can be provided by the client’s servers (such as ADFS or Google).


Sprintbase is a web application and as such relies heavily on the web technologies to enable it.

  • Cookies: Sprintbase uses web cookies in a small number of places to hold page navigation decisions.  We do not use cookies to track users or harvest any personally identifiable data.
  • SSL/HTTPS: All data passed between the user’s web browser and the Sprintbase servers is encrypted using SSL and HTTPS.


  • Access to the database is secured so that all connections from the application are authenticated and encrypted.
  • Sprintbase uses industry-standard authentication and authorization mechanisms which encrypt user passwords in the database ensuring that support staff can never see any passwords

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