Use Sprintbase & Mural together

Keep collaboration organized & run multi-team workshops with ease

Sprintbase lets Mural users keep work organized by nesting, grouping and arranging multiple murals in a single, visual project workspace.

It also allows workshop facilitators to manage multiple synchronous teams all in one place and using a single activity timer.

Single-click PDF output reports make it easy to share your team’s work.

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Connecting your Mural account to Sprintbase.

You can connect your Mural from inside a Sprintbase workspace or sprint wherever you have the option to add a new Mural from the menu. The following steps define how to do this:

  1. From inside a Sprintbase sprint or workspace, click the ADD button.
  2. Select Mural… from the list of options.
  3. Follow the steps to connect Sprintbase to Mural.
  4. Once completed, create a new mural or select an existing one to add it as a note to the Sprintbase workspace.

Once you have connected Sprintbase to Mural, you should be able to create new murals or add existing ones that you have in your Mural workspace in any Sprintbase sprint or workspace that offers it.



Do I need a Mural account to use the integration?

Yes and no. In order to add a mural into a Sprintbase workspace you need to have a Mural account. But, any sprint or workspace team member in Sprintbase can collaborate on a mural, even if they don’t have a Mural account.

I am an Enterprise customer, why doesn't this integration work for me?

The administrator for your Enterprise plan must use this link to enable the integration in the Integrations tab on their company dashboard, it will appear under "Explore All" once enabled.

Can Sprintbase team members access my mural, even if they aren’t Mural members?

Yes, they can! The only difference is that Mural members will show up with their actual names on the mural canvas whereas visitors will be displayed with the visitor names Mural provides.

What happens if visitor permissions are disabled for my mural?

Collaborators who aren’t Mural members will not be able to access the Mural and will get an error message. Visitors would need to ask the host to provide visitor access to the mural.

What about Sprintbase guests - can they be invited to collaborate on murals in the same way as other Sprinbase whiteboards?

Yes, they can!  Sprintbase guests can be invited in the normal way via email or a direct link from the mural header and they will have access to the mural as vistors.

Where can I get more support information for Sprintbase?

There is a library of information for many areas of Sprintbase which can be accessed here: